Property Management Fees, What does Property Management Cost

Property Management Fees: How Much Does Property Management Really Cost?

Property management fees are daunting, how do you know what’s appropriate and what’s too much. We educate you to save you money on fees.
Game of thrones realestate

5 Modern Day Houses Fit for a Game of Thrones Character

What would happen if your favorite Game of Thrones characters had to go shopping for a home? We answer that question here in our blog, analyzing 5 homes that would be fit for royalty.
rent control and the rental market

Rent Control Is Bad for Tenants and Ruining Landlords

When people hear the phrase “rent control” they typically conjure up one of a few images in their minds. Tenants imagine easy street, a world where housing is ridiculously low cost. Maybe they think of rent control in NYC, where they saw the characters from Friends live in large apartments for far below market value.

If the person is a landlord or property manager, they think of reduced profits, and tenants who live in a unit for years on end, never paying market value for the property.
Real Estate Investing for Glendale, Goodyear, Avondale, and Queen Creek Investors

51 Ways to Increase Your Rental Property Cashflow

Use these 51 expert level tips to improve your cash flow and increase the profit margin on your rental properties.
Property Managers and Rental Property Lease Review

How to Effectively Conduct Lease Reviews with New Tenants

Every property manager and property investor should understand how to go over a lease agreement. Our tips will make you an expert.
Questions to ask when interviewing property managers

74 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Property Manager

You absolutely need to ask these questions when you interview a property manager to identify if it is the right property management company for you.
Investment Property Management Advice for Owners in Chandler, Phoenix, and Scottsdale Arizona

What to Do if a Tenant's Behavior Breaks Their Lease Agreement

It is fairly shocking to read a news headline about new homeowners falling ill after moving in to a new property only to discover that their home was once a meth lab. The disclosure rules about this are not always clearly defined, and though it is an extreme, it does show that there are many harmful behaviors that people are willing to practice in their homes or properties.

Residential property investing in El Mirage

When to Invest in New Technology for Your Tenants

At Active Renter Property Management, we view all of our tenants as customers and we believe that this is a practice that should be used by all landlords. This mindset is supported by evidence that many tenants choose not to renew their leases because of poor responsiveness from management.

Naturally, poor customer service and responsiveness could include a variety of behaviors, but we are specifically referring to actions that include:

    Property Managers and Extended Tenant Guests

    Guest or Squatter? How to Deal with Long-Term Visitors

    It always behooves landlords and rental property owners to know about possible liabilities. One of the trickiest and most challenging to deal with is the issue of "long-term guests". This is a problem that can be almost impossible to address if you have not already created a plan prior to its occurrence.

    Investment Property Owners and Recycling Management

    Make Your Rental Properties Green With Onsite Recycling

    As a rental property owner, you may already be on the lookout for ways to make your operation more "green." For example, one way we do this is by offering our tenants online services such as a web portal that allows tenants to pay automatically, read blogs, and even arrange maintenance. In addition, we do our best to keep documents online, handle operations with optimal efficiency, and reduce waste when possible. These are just some ways that we try to be green, and you may find them helpful.