For Rent in Scottsdale

Tips for Renting Your Property in Scottsdale

The rental market in Scottsdale is strong right now, but that does not mean you will be able to rent out your property without some work on your part. You want to make sure that you do things the right way and that you have good tenants, but how do you do all of that? The tips in this article should help you to get a better grasp of what it really takes.

Good Marketing Goes a Long Way

Proper Rental Maintenance

Keep Up With the Maintenance on Your Scottsdale Rental Units

Landlords have a responsibility when it comes to keeping the properties they own and rent maintained and in good repair. Most landlords try to do a good job, but sometimes, they cannot handle the requests. Others put off the maintenance and hope that the tenants will stop contacting them. It’s a terrible practice, and one that will have repercussions. However, some owners are terrible at keeping their properties in good condition. It always comes back to bite them, sometimes through legal channels.

How to Handle Requests

Saving money on plumbing repairs

How to eliminate 95% of your plumbing related maintenance calls

Plumbing systems. It’s hard to conceive what life must have been like before indoor plumbing and on-demand hot water. We tend take them for granted in our own homes. We barely think about them. But when it comes to investments homes, plumbing systems can be a drain (no pun intend) on our pocketbook.

If your read this and implement the items outlined below, you will save yourself thousands of dollars over the course of owning your rental. We know this from personal experience.

Preventing tenant damage to your rental property

How to Tenant Proof your rental for maximum profits