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Total HOA Management

We handle Assessments, Bills, Notices, Violations, Tenant Registrations and all the communication necessary with your HOA.

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We offer 12 months of monthly property management service for FREE if you buy or sell your investment property with one of Active Renter's preferred agents.

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Active Renter clients enjoy volume discounts that we've negotiated with our large buying power. All of your routine maintenance & repairs get done at a discount.

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We have exclusive access to large investor insurance rates for your rental property. Even if you have one property, you'll get preferred access

24 Hour Resident Phone Support

Leave the 2am phone calls to us, we answer our maintenance emergency line at any hour, weekends & holidays included.

Full Service Brokerage

Our preferred agents can help you buy or sell your investment property when the time is right. Don't forget to ask about discounted fees for every transaction.

What Our Clients Say

We have worked with Active Renter for a few years now, and there is a reason we are still working with them! They are not only professional, but they are respectful of your time, they get the job done right and they are always there to answer a question or a call. You don't find many businesses these days who really put customer service at the forefront like Active Renter does. They really do have the best in mind when it comes to their clients. Thank you!

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Ashley K. Property Owner

Rating: 5 Stars

I've rented an Active Renter home two years ago. My current rental is managed by another company. It took my recent experience, to appreciate the efforts of Rich and his team. My current PM wants me to pay a $350 lease renewal fee, which is ridiculous in my opinion. I also had the best service from Active Renter, especially concerning maintenance issues.

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Kelly B. Tenant

Rating: 5 Stars

We are Proud to serve local Paradise Valley neighborhoods

Clearwater Hills

Quail Hollow Estates

Camelback Estates

Equestrian Trails

Mockingbird Lane Estates

Palo Cristi

Rancho Valencia


And Many More...

Paradise Valley is a small town known for its expensive real estate and world-class resorts.

The area that is now known as Paradise Valley was a grazing ground for cattle until the 1880s. In 1889, three surveyors from the Rio Verde Canal Company visited the area and were taken in by the beauty of the land. They named the community 'Paradise Valley,' which some believe was inspired by the spring wildflowers growing in the area. Settlements were established here after World War II. On May 24, 1961, the Town of Paradise Valley was officially incorporated.

The lifestyle today has not changed much from what the early residents envisioned. Quiet surroundings, open space and privacy are valued as much now as they were then. No multiple housing units are permitted.

Although Paradise Valley is primarily a residential community, there are close to a dozen high-end resorts in the town, making it a premiere tourist destination. The magnificent scenery, majestic mountains, and breathtaking mansions and estates have also made this one of the premiere places in the Southwest in which to live.

Popular neighborhoods in Paradise Valley include Clearwater Hills and Quail Hollow Estates.

Quick Facts about Paradise Valley:

Mayor: Michael Collins
Area: 16.5 square miles
Population: 13,387
Median household income: $131,948
Median age: 51
Median house value: $960,000
Average price per square foot: $318
Median rent price: $2,001

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