Reasons to hire a property management company

5 Reasons why you should hire a Property Manager


1.) You'll Make More Money with a PM 

Property managers have invested thousands of dollars into technology automation & process to make managing properties as efficient as possible. 98% of our tenants pay their rent by electronic ePayment. Getting your money faster and more reliably than any other PM. Vacancies are eliminated by fast turnovers and heavy marketing of your property.

2.) Good managers will save you lots of Time & Headaches 

Let us handle the 2am toilet calls, so you can focus on the next deal. It's a full-time job to track rent payments, collect late fees, deal with complaints and repairs, prep the property for new tenants, find vendors, and deal with bad tenants. It may also become a constant source of stress. Relinquishing these ongoing responsibilities to a good PM can allow you to benefit from your investment without sacrificing your time and health.

3.) Better Tenants Thanks to Tight Screening & Bigger pool of Applicants 

Innovative property managers know exactly how to find the best tenants and screen out the bad ones. For example, We get 100's of inquires from potential tenants every week because of our extensive advertising program. We have waiting lists for many of our best properties. You'll get a choice, instead of having to take the first person with heart beat.

4.)Knowing the Law isn't always easy.

We know how to avoid legal hassles like discrimination and eviction challenges. We will save you time and money by staying within the boundaries of the law. We also offer Eviction Protection services that will pay for the entire process in the unlikely event that a tenant stops paying for the privilege of living in your property.

5.) You'll get a "Buffer" between You and the Tenants 

When using a PM, property owners are able to keep a professional distance from their tenants. Getting too personally involved can result in being too lenient on certain issues or too defensive about certain types of complaints. Rental properties are a business and we follow the principal of 'Firm but Fair' with our tenants. 

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