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Blogging and Rental Property Owners

Did you know that your rental properties should have an online presence? Did you know that they should have a brand? And did you also know that you can build awareness about them through a blog? Whether it is to speak to current residents or potential renters, you should consider creating a blog that discusses all aspects of your properties.

Why? Just consider a few topics on which you might blog:

  • You can offer colorful reviews of nearby shops and restaurants. Do a top five or ten list of the stores or eateries in the neighborhood or area around the property. In doing so, you are promoting the area, giving it more prestige and ensuring that potential renters may want to get in touch to hear of vacancies.

  • Explain housing costs in your area and how your property offers value added services. For example, if you use a property management firm you can discuss how they provide 24-hour customer service. This is a huge concern for renters and, as a result, becomes one major selling point for your "brand".

  • List the best recreational or cultural spots in the area. This might become a seasonal blog, which will allow you to further promote the area where your commercial or residential rentals are located.

  • Create short blogs about home improvements, noting those that renters in your properties are welcome to do. This offers two benefits to you and your tenants. First, it allows you to provide them with quality information and nurture a relationship. Second, it offers a subtle way for you to discuss what is allowed at your properties without sounding too authoritative and demanding.

  • Write about any community activities in which your renters might participate. Do they gather together for special events? Maybe you have holiday parties? Perhaps your commercial properties are the location of sponsored events? Whatever they are, be sure to document them and then blog about them.

In addition, don't forget that social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram offer an opportunity to continue building your brand and share your blog posts. These are places to market your properties as well. This can be highly effective because your prospective tenants might find a property on your social media site and then investigate you through reading your blog. That blog will then further motivate them to give you a call, at which point you will have most likely earned yourself a new tenant.

Focusing Your Online Communication

You may not realize that the current market for renting is quite diverse. The largest percentage is Millennials aged 18 to 29, but the next largest group of renters is baby boomers, especially in Arizona. These two groups are both on social media and web-savvy, so be sure that your blogs target both demographics.

When you blog, it does not have to be shameless marketing, but it should be marketing oriented. Think of your ideal renter, consider what sort of non-sales related subjects might pique their interest, and then create blogs covering them. Finally, don't overlook the assets that your property management provider may have for such a campaign. They might have portal software, email marketing systems, and other options that can improve and streamline your efforts.

As your property management group may also be handling some marketing, why not just ask them about blog topics or recommendations? You may not have imagined yourself a blogger, but in the modern world of rental property ownership you should wear this hat from time to time…and you'll probably enjoy it too!

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