Avoid eviction with problem tenants

How to Deal With a Problem Tenant

In an ideal world, your tenants would be perfect. They would never cause trouble, they would pay their rent on time, and you would never receive angry letters from the tenant’s neighbors asking you to do something about them. Of course, as nice as Scottsdale might be, no one is living in a perfect world. Sometimes, you have problem tenants, and you need to know how to handle them.

Make the Policies Clear

First, you have to make sure that your policies are clear when a new tenant moves into the unit. Even though many things seem like common sense, it is still a good idea to go over a few of the things that are not allowed. For example, if it is in a condominium complex that does not allow grilling on porches or balconies, or smoking in public areas, make sure they are aware. By making your policies and the HOA policies clear, they have no reason not to follow them.

Talk With Them

When you are aware of a tenant problem, whether it is having loud parties that disturb the neighborhood, not paying rent on time, or anything else, you should take the time to talk with the tenant. They may not actually realize just how disruptive and problematic their behavior is. If you are lucky, things will change for the better, and he or she will become a model tenant. Keep in mind that you can only talk and reiterate the same points and problems so many times before you have to take further action. If they continually do the same thing, they are not going to change.

Write It All Down

Make sure that you write down everything from the start. Write down what the tenant did, when you spoke to them and what they said. Do this for every incident so you have a record of the events in case you need them later. Hopefully, things will settle down, but sometimes, you may need to take legal action against them, which means eviction.

Eviction Might Be Needed

Before eviction though, you can request that the tenants consider finding somewhere else to live. Explain that it’s a better choice for them. They may not understand that you are trying to do them a favor though, and they may continue with their behavior. In that case, it’s best to seek legal counsel and consider eviction. The process can be a pain, but sometimes is the only way that you can make things right.

Keep Calm

As hard as it might seem sometimes, you have to make sure that you stay calm whenever you are dealing with the tenants. They may be verbally offensive, and in some cases, you might even feel threatened. It’s a good idea to walk away, or hang up the phone rather than retaliate. It is in your best interest from a legal perspective certainly! Take note of everything and call the authorities if you feel it is necessary.

Hire Property Management in Scottsdale

How many of these problem tenants are out there? More than you might want to imagine. Chances are you do not want to deal with them if you do not have to. When you work with a Scottsdale property management team, you will not have to. They can deal with your tenants for you when it comes to collecting the rent, taking care of repairs, and dealing with the problems the tenants are causing. It relieves you of the stress that you will undoubtedly feel. Instead of trying to handle all of this on your own, find a Scottsdale property management company that can help you.

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