Proper Rental Maintenance

Keep Up With the Maintenance on Your Scottsdale Rental Units

Landlords have a responsibility when it comes to keeping the properties they own and rent maintained and in good repair. Most landlords try to do a good job, but sometimes, they cannot handle the requests. Others put off the maintenance and hope that the tenants will stop contacting them. It’s a terrible practice, and one that will have repercussions. However, some owners are terrible at keeping their properties in good condition. It always comes back to bite them, sometimes through legal channels.

How to Handle Requests

Proper maintenance is essential, and it does not have to be as difficult as many make it out to be. It also offers some benefits, but you need to react quickly. Your tenants should have an easy way of getting in touch with you when they need repairs or emergency maintenance service. They should have your email and phone number, and you should respond to them as quickly as possible. Do not let more than 24 hours pass before you talk with them.

If they have an emergency, you should have a plan in place regarding what they should do it can’t wait. Perhaps you could allow them to contact a specialist to handle the emergency. They can pay for it initially, and you can deduct it from their rent. You may also have a list of specialists that you can provide the tenant. The specialists will simply charge you when they handle the emergency.

Attending to Repairs Helps Keep Tenants

When you care about your tenants and your property and you take care of the repairs, you will find that your retention rate of tenants is higher. If you are the type of landlord who puts off repairs, they are not going to want to stay in your unit. As soon as the lease is up, they will start looking for another place to live.

Who Will Perform the Actual Maintenance and Repairs?

One of the things that you need to consider is who will be taking care of the repairs. If they are relatively minor, you might be able to do them on your own. However, it might be a better idea to get in touch with some area professionals who can help. You can contract them. It’s a good idea to find some maintenance and repair specialists before you need them so you do not waste time trying to find someone who can handle the job later.

Less to Do After a Turnover

One of the benefits of taking care of maintenance and repair issues as soon as they occur is the fact that you will have less to do after a turnover. If you wait to repair things, it generally means you will have a much larger repair bill since the problem will be worse. Take care of the problems as they come and the turnover should be much faster in terms of the major repairs. This means fewer days vacant, so you will not be losing as much money.

Work With a Scottsdale Property Manager

What if you simply don’t have the time to take care of the maintenance issues? Many landlords have fulltime jobs, or they might not be in the same city or state. Instead of letting maintenance issues fester and run the risk of upsetting your tenants, you can work with a Scottsdale property manager instead. You can find quality management teams that can take care of the repairs and maintenance on your property. In fact, they can help with a wide range of different duties. Working with them can make your life as a landlord much easier.

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