Keeping residents happy

Keep Your Scottsdale Tenants Happy

As a landlord, you want to have a good relationship with your tenants. You want to make money on your investment, and you want your renters to be happy in their home. However, many landlords who are new to renting do not understand some of the basic things that they need to do to help ensure this happiness. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy, and we’ll be covering some simple and effective tips to help you.

Make Sure They Understand the Rules

You have certain rules for your rental property. For example, you may not allow pets of certain types. Fish and birds might be fine, but you do not want dogs or cats. Maybe you do not want the tenants to barbecue on the balcony. When your tenants first look at the unit, they have no idea what these rules are, and they will not know until you tell them. It is important to make sure they know the stipulations before they sign a lease. Most tenants will abide by your rules, but they have to know what they are first! Knowing the rules early will also help you to weed out certain tenants who do not fit, such as those who have pets.

Take Maintenance and Repairs Seriously

If your renters have issues with maintenance and items that need repair, you can’t put it off. You have to take care of it as quickly as you can. You would not want to be in a house that had faulty plumbing or that had a broken window from an errant golf ball. You have to make sure that you answer and you respond to the tenants within 24 hours of receiving notice, and that you take care of the repairs as soon as you can. If you don’t, they will be unhappy, as you would expect.

Follow Up After They Move Into the Unit

After the tenants have had a month or so to settle into their new home, send an email or a phone call and ask them how they are doing in the new place. Do they have any questions or concerns? Have they noticed any issues that need to be addressed? Simply contacting them and letting them know that you care can go a long ways in developing a good landlord and tenant relationship. You do not have to be best friends, but you should get along!

Show Your Appreciation

This is something that many landlords never consider, but it can really make the tenants quite happy. You could do something as simple as sending them a gift card for $20 around the holidays, or on the anniversary of their move-in date. It is a small gesture, but just like following up with them after they’ve moved in, it shows that you care about them and not just the money they send you each month. Of course, if the tenant has had trouble paying rent and following the rules, you will not likely want to send them a token of your appreciation. Save this for the good tenants.

Work With a Scottsdale Property Manager

If you are busy and you know that you do not have time to attend to the renters when they have issues, contacting a Scottsdale property manager to help you could be a very good idea. You can talk with the property managers about taking over for your landlord duties. If you have an empty unit, you can even get some help with the marketing and finding new tenants. The tenants will love that they have someone who is there for them when they have issues, and it frees you up to take care of the other aspects of your busy life.

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