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Tips for Renting Your Property in Scottsdale

The rental market in Scottsdale is strong right now, but that does not mean you will be able to rent out your property without some work on your part. You want to make sure that you do things the right way and that you have good tenants, but how do you do all of that? The tips in this article should help you to get a better grasp of what it really takes.

Good Marketing Goes a Long Way

People need to know about your property if you hope to rent it out, naturally. Proper marketing is the best way to do this. You need to have quality photos of your property, and you need to include all of the major details, such as the size, rooms, etc. However, you can’t leave it at that, as it becomes too bland and mingles with all of the other available properties in the minds of potential renters. Your marketing copy needs to focus on some of the elements that help to make your property special. Tell people why they should rent your property in Scottsdale and make them want to call it home.

Improve the Property

What condition is the property currently in? If you bought a fixer upper, you cannot leave it in that condition and hope to rent it. Even if the property is in decent shape now, you should still do things to improve it. Some new paint, a thorough cleaning, and even some new appliances can go a long way in making the property more attractive to potential renters. For example, if they had a choice between your property with brand new appliances and a similar property with dated appliances, they will choose you nine times out of ten.

Screen Your Tenants

You can’t simply rent to someone who has the money in hand to pay for the deposit and the first month’s rent, even though it might be tempting. Instead, you need to make them fill out an application, and then you need to do a full and proper tenant screening. Make sure they include references, as well as permission for you to check their credit history. Always contact the employment references and their former landlords, as the information you receive can be a very good indicator of whether they are responsible people and if they pay their rent on time. A criminal background check should be in order as well.

Remember the Importance of the Community

One of the things that you can’t forget when you are trying to get tenants interested in your property is the charming city of Scottsdale. Take note of the different amenities, stores, and restaurants in the area and make sure your potential tenants know about them. Talk about the community and all that it offers, so they can see that they are getting far more than just four walls and a roof – they are getting a place that will really feel like home.

Work With a Scottsdale Property Management Company

Renting your property takes a lot of work as well as time. Chances are you do not have all of the time needed to do it right. Don’t fall into the trap that so many other landlords have over the past and try to cut corners. If you do, you are only in for disappointment. Instead, get in touch with a Scottsdale property management company to help you with all of the aspects we’ve discussed. They know what it takes to get a property rented quickly and to the right people. Your Scottsdale property manager can handle all of the heavy lifting for you.

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