How to Evict a Tenant the Right Way

As you become an experienced property owner it is inevitable that you will deal with an eviction. No matter how thoroughly you evaluate all potential tenants there is no guarantee you will select the right person. Unfortunately, eviction can be a very costly process that can be more than $3,000 in legal fees, lost rent and damages. Moreover, it can be a difficult process to navigate, resulting in a great amount of frustration.

How to Deliver Bad News and Still Keep Your Tenants

If you have ever spoken with any of us at Active Renter Property Management, you probably know that we put customer service at the forefront of our business. Therefore, you will probably not find it surprising that we believe all landlords are, at their core, customer service providers.

Sadly, it is all too often that inexperienced property managers fail to recognize that this is a major component of their role. This always ends in the same way for those owners—they lose tenants.

2 Tactics Property Owners Can Use to Achieve Low Eviction Rates

A recent study suggests the Southwest region of the U.S. (including Arizona) is one of the top three areas for rapid growth in the rental markets. The cost of rentals has risen almost 9% in a single year, and demand has increased by almost 5%. These statistics may make landlords and rental property owners feel like rejoicing, but other industry statistics might give them pause.