Good Tenant Communications

How to Communicate With Tenants on Renting Your Scottsdale Home

When you are renting your Scottsdale home, you want to have a good relationship with the tenants, naturally. A big part of that relationship will be through your communication with them and how you go about it. Different circumstances will naturally call for different approaches though.

Communication Tips

Questions to ask a Property Manager

Top 5 Questions when Interviewing a PM Company


1.) Do you charge a Setup Fee, Marketing Fee, or a Vacancy Fee?

If their answer is yes, to any of these, continue your search for a property management partner. These are uncalled for fees, better known as “junk” fees. They ensure that the property management company makes money even if you don’t! Select a property management company who is willing to share in the risk and who is only compensated when they perform for YOU the owner.

Reasons to hire a property management company

5 Reasons why you should hire a Property Manager


1.) You'll Make More Money with a PM 

Property managers have invested thousands of dollars into technology automation & process to make managing properties as efficient as possible. 98% of our tenants pay their rent by electronic ePayment. Getting your money faster and more reliably than any other PM. Vacancies are eliminated by fast turnovers and heavy marketing of your property.