How to Deal With a Problem Tenant

In an ideal world, your tenants would be perfect. They would never cause trouble, they would pay their rent on time, and you would never receive angry letters from the tenant’s neighbors asking you to do something about them. Of course, as nice as Scottsdale might be, no one is living in a perfect world. Sometimes, you have problem tenants, and you need to know how to handle them.

Make the Policies Clear

5 Ways to Rent My Scottsdale Home Quickly

Whether you have been renting out properties for years, or you are just now thinking about renting out your first property, one of the biggest concerns is getting the unit rented quickly. If you have a property that’s sitting vacant, it isn’t making any money and is actually costing you. Let’s look at five ways that you can rent your Scottsdale home quickly.

#1 – Market It Right

How to eliminate 95% of your plumbing related maintenance calls

Plumbing systems. It’s hard to conceive what life must have been like before indoor plumbing and on-demand hot water. We tend take them for granted in our own homes. We barely think about them. But when it comes to investments homes, plumbing systems can be a drain (no pun intend) on our pocketbook.

If your read this and implement the items outlined below, you will save yourself thousands of dollars over the course of owning your rental. We know this from personal experience.