What makes Active Renter different from other property managers?

We're long term rental investors ourselves

There are three things that really make Active Renter different from other property management companies. The first one, is that we are investors ourselves, we're not a franchise, we're locally owned and operated, and we treat all of our investor properties like they we're ours. We manage our portfolio right alongside yours. This gives us a very unique perspective in the property management business. We always do what's best for the Owner first.

5 Reasons why you should hire a Property Manager


1.) You'll Make More Money with a PM 

Property managers have invested thousands of dollars into technology automation & process to make managing properties as efficient as possible. 98% of our tenants pay their rent by electronic ePayment. Getting your money faster and more reliably than any other PM. Vacancies are eliminated by fast turnovers and heavy marketing of your property.